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Pros: A combination of food-based attractants for ants, roaches, and other pests.  Great for making a perimeter around the exterior of your home to keep pests out.  
Cons: Slower acting and not as effective as Invict Xpress on hard to kill "super-colony" ants such as the Tawny Crazy Ant (also known as Raspberry ant or Carribean Crazy Ant).  For the Tawny Crazy Ant try Invict Xpress.
Expert Overview: Granular scatter baits like Intice 10 are great to spread around the perimeter of your home in a 10-foot band to kill pests before they get inside.   This works on numerous species such as ants, roaches, crickets, millipedes, etc,   This reduces (or eliminates) the need to treat indoors.  Plus baits have a much lower toxicity than spray products.


InTice 10 Perimeter Bait:

InTice™ 10 Perimeter Bait™ is a mold and moisture resistant, effective and economical broad spectrum bait for indoor and outdoor use. Application rates are cut in half with the exclusive formulation of 10% boric acid, saving time and money for the service professional.

  • Labeled for cockroaches, ants, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, millipedes, sow bugs and mole crickets
  • Now Labeled for Carpenter Ants
  • InTice™ 10 Perimeter Bait™ is the only 10% Boric Acid granular bait available.
  • Superior efficacy compared to pyrethroid granule insecticides at a competitive price, with none of the use restrictions
  • Unlike repellents, it doesn’t just chase worker ants away, it gives them something to carry back to the nest
  • Proprietary bait matrix contains highly effective attractants
  • Ideal for perimeter and turf use - only 1 lb per 1000 square feet is needed
  • Lasts up to 90 days outdoors - active ingredient will not break down from heat or UV light, the granule itself resists mold and moisture
  • InTice™ borate granules require no PPE (California state regulations may differ)

Not yet approved for use in AK and HI 

Always read and follow label directions when using any product.

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