Acephate 97UP Insecticide (Orthene) 1 Pound

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Joe Jonovich Joe Jonovich
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Pros: Very popular insecticide with contact and systemic activity.  Cheaper price than the Orthene brand of this same active ingredient.
Cons: Has a strong odor when sprayed.  Only a couple weeks of systemic residual activity. 
Expert Overview: Acephate (and the name brand Orthene) have been used for decades.  It was one of the first "systemic" products that gets inside the plant and kills insects that suck the plant juices.  It is still popular with Orchid growers.  However, the odor can be offensive and there are now newer systemic products like Dominion 2L that have no odor and a longer residual.


Product Description

From the pull-down menu you can choose to buy just 1 bag, or for a discounted price, you can choose to buy a case (12 bags).

Acephate 97UP Details:

Each bag contains 1 lb. of acephate.  Acephate 97UP is water soluble and provides systemic control of insects through root uptake. Insects eat the foliage of the plants and die. Acephate 97UP also acts on contact, but is more effective when insects ingest the insecticide.

Still labeled for Fire Ant mound treatments!!!

Acephate 97UP is labeled for use on 125 insects including fire ants, aphids, grasshoppers, beetles, loopers, cutworms, thrips, whiteflies, borers, earworms, armyworms, bollworm, tobacco budworm, stink bugs.

Suitable for cotton, soybean, peanuts, tobacco, vegetables, cranberries, and dry beans, this water dispersible dry formulation is effective in both crop and non-crop environments.

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