Deer Scram Professional Granular Repellent

by Epic
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Deer Scram Professional Granular Repellent Details:

Deer scram Professional Granular deer repellent stimulates a strong fear-based response that scares deer away by emitting an odor they associate with death. This organic product is enhanced by normal rainfall and can even last up to 90 days in winter working well under the snow. Apply along plots, flower beds, rows of trees, shrubs, or other edibles at risk for deer browsing damage.

  • Pail comes with scoop for easy measuring providing 1440 linear feet of protective strips.
  • Excellent choice for Organic Gardening, containing no pesticides.
  • Normal rainfall enhances Deer Scram.
  • Lasts up to 90 days in winter weather, surviving under the snow fall.
  • Also consider Mole Scram for control of moles with the same great organic benefits!!

Active Ingredients:

  • Dried blood ........42%
  • Garlic..........4%
  • White peppers..........2.8%
  • Cloves.............1.5%
  • Meat meal ...........49%

Target Pests:


Deer Scram Professional Granular Repellent SDS

Deer Scram Professional Granular Repellent Label

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