Detour Professional Grade Rodent Barrier Sealant

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DeTour Pest Repellant & Rodent Barrier Sealant Details:

Please note: this product requires a caulk gun to apply

DeTour for Rodents and Insects is the first Fifra EPA 25b exempt contact bio-repellent for rodents that acts as a contact irritant. 

DeTour Professional grade sealant is a biotechnology that combines outstanding durability and adhesion to seal cracks, crevices, and entry holes where rodents can enter a structure. Being made from a food grade blend of materials and containing no poisons, this Green sealant is safe and effective even in food handling areas!!

  • Rodents will no longer use entry points treated with DeTour.
  • DeTour contains capsaicin (chillis) which irritates mice and rodents but does not harm them. When they feel this irritation, they exit the structure.
  • DeTour is a caulk like a sealant that can be brushed on or applied in thick bead-like line. The thicker the line the more effective it will be.  Rodents can step in the white pepper gel (DeTour) and track the irritant along their traveling paths and back to the den.  Once the den/nest is exposed to the pepper irritant, they will abandon the nest. 
  • Can be applied to wet, dusty, greasy, oily, frosty or surfaces filled with foreign objects.
  • Caulk tube that can be applied using any standard caulking gun.
  • Food grade ingredients surpassing green standards.
  • A non-staining easy cleanup formula that is crack proof.

Active Ingredients:

Capsaicin (Pepper Extract)

Target Pests:

Rodents and crawling insects

Detour Barrier Sealant Label

Detour Barrier Sealant SDS

Always read and follow label directions when using any product.

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