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Joe Jonovich
Lead Entomologist
5 Star Review
Pros: Kit contains the most effective products for indoor fly control. Includes a flylight trap, fruitfly traps (fruit flies do not go to flylights), and a multi-species fly bait.
Cons: None.
How To Use:
  1. Place the fly light trap in the area of most fly activity where it can be seen from all areas of the room. At night, turn off as many competing light sources as possible. Flies will be drawn to the trap and captured.
  2. Place fruit fly traps in out of the way areas on your kitchen counter. Fruit flies will enter the trap and drown. Traps are non-toxic and can be refilled with ordinary apple-cider vinegar.
  3. Spray fly bait in areas flies congregate that are not food-prep surfaces. Window sills and behind the kitchen sink are perfect areas.
  4. Monitor traps and re-apply bait as needed. That’s it!
Expert Overview:

The most important part of fly control is source elimination. Flies can reproduce faster than you can catch them. Be sure to remove trash, remove, rotten fruit, clean garbage disposals, and change cat litter boxes frequently. Properly sealing doors and window are also important. When flies are still a problem, this kit is perfect. It is designed to kill all species of flies indoors including: house flies, flesh flies, phorid flies, fruit flies, drain flies, and many more.


Our lead Entomologist with over 20 years pest management experience at ePestHero has put together curative kits for some of the most common pests in and around the home. Just like a professional would, he sorts through the thousands of different products and picks the best combinations for your pest problems, so you don’t have to. These kits have everything you need to get the job done all in one box! 

Fly Kit Add-On Service:

  • 1 Can PT Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait- PT Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait is a versatile fly product that can be used as an area, band or spot treatment application. The formulation applies fast with no mess and dries almost clear without a strong odor.  Spray in areas where flies tend to congregate.  Do not apply to areas that are frequently cleaned.  Bait will not adhere to surfaces that are dusty or greasy.  Use a water-dampened paper towel to remove unwanted bait placement.
  • FlyWeb Plus Fly Light Trap- These are great simple light traps that plug in like a night light.  There is no more need to hard-wire professional light traps.  You can move them around and put them away when you don't need them.
  • 2x Vector 960 Fruit Fly Traps- The 960 Vector Fruit Fly Trap is scientifically designed to capture Drosophila (Fruit Flies) so you can monitor infestation by counting the adult flies in the Trap. The 960 Fly Trap is designed with a 10-hole venting lid, optimizing the Flies exposure to the vapors released from the liquid attractant.
  • 4x XL Disposable gloves- Disposable gloves that protect your hands during the application of your pest control products.


Active Ingredients:

PT Alpine- Dinotefuran 1%

Target Pests:

Flies, Fruit Flies

PT Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait Specimen Label

PT Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait SDS

Always read and follow label directions when using any product. 

Pt Alpine Fly Bait is Not for sale in CA, DC, IL, LA, MO, NY, PR, RI

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