Executive Pest Control Hand Held 5" Inch Puffer Duster

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Executive Pest Control Products “The Puffer” Details:

This puffer was created with a clear body, so you can visibly see the level of product left inside. Utilizing a high quality natural gum rubber construction for the body, a 5” tip with cap on the end for dust leakage, and built in clean out rod to ensure you use every ounce of granular or dust bait inserted into the puffer.

  • Durable, high quality natural gum rubber construction.
  • Clear body allows user to see the amount of product inside.
  • Built in clean-out rod.
  • Comes with a cap to prevent dust leakage.
  • Also available in a 14” curved tip design for those hard to reach places.

Always read and follow label directions when using any product. 

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