Genus Fli Fly Light

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Genus Fli Fly Light Details :

The Genus Fli Fly Light is a versatile Fly light trap that can be either wall mounted vertically or horizontally or used as a portable free-standing unit by utilizing the leg stand located in the rear of the light. Combining high performance with efficient running costs the Genus Fli uses 2x15 watt lamps that are augmented by integral reflectors to enhance the fly catch efficiency. Electronic Ballast engineering allows for reduced running costs, increased power, and fewer replacement parts. Easy-open lift and stay hinge cover allows for fast hands-free servicing minimizing the downtime of this unit.

  • Safety feature turns off the light trap if any components are removed from the ballast.
  • Horizontal, vertical, or corner wall mounting or free standing portable unit.
  • Replace your bulb every 9-12 months for continuous efficient Fly control.
  • Back of the housing unit used best in Kitchens, Restaurants, Bars, Fast Food establishments, and all food preparation and processing locations.
  • Dimensions 21in x 11.7in x 3.4in.
  • 2x15 watt bulbs give you the power needed for the heavy fly activity.
  • Updated technology allows for 24-hour run time with low energy costs.
  • Use replacement glue boards part#: 312500-00
  • Replacement Standard & Shatterproof bulbs are available for sale here.

Target Pests:

Housefly (Musca Domestica), Lesser Housefly (Fannia Canicularis), Bottle Fly (Calliphoridae), FleshFly (Sacophagidae), Fruit Fly (Drosophila), Moth Fly (Psychodidae), Phorid Fly (Phoridae) and other species of flying insects

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