Nyguard IGR Concentrate - Insect Growth Regulator

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Nyguard IGR Details:
NyGuard IGR is an Insect Growth Regulator.  It gets to the root cause of insect infestations, the eggs, larvae, and nymphs.  NyGuard IGR prevents these immature insects from maturing into adults that can reproduce.  The life cycle is disrupted and future infestations are controlled.  NyGuard IGR should be used with an insecticide.  This way you achieve rapid knockdown of adults and the deposit the IGR on the immature insects.

• NyGuard IGR has a broad spectrum of insects on its label
• NyGuard IGR is effective both indoors and outdoors
• NyGuard IGR may be used in both food and non-food areas
• NyGuard IGR has a long residual; keeps working for up to 7 months
• Nyguard IGR is an EPA designated Reduced Risk Insecticide
• Each 140mL bottle makes up to 35 gallons – depending on dilution rate

Active Ingredient:
Pyridine – 10%

Pests controlled:
Fleas, Roaches (German, Asian, and Brown-banded), Crickets, Litter Beetles, and Flying Insects
* See label for complete list

Always read and follow label directions when using any product.

This product is not yet registered in NY and CT

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