Orthene PCO Professional Pellets

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Orthene PCO Professional Pellets Details:

Orthene PCO Professional Pellets dissolve easily with water offering less residue dust and lower odor giving control to some of the most troublesome nuisance home and pantry pests. With 97% Acephate Orthene PCO offers control of even pest that tends to be more resistant to other products such as German cockroaches, entering the insect’s body it metabolizes into an even deadlier, more active compound. Use as a crack or crevice treatment, perimeter treatment or because of acephates residual persistence use on smooth surfaces such as tile and steel.

  • Preferred pest control option of many Food-service professionals.
  • Easily mixes with water to offer less residue dust and lower odor.
  • Contains Acephate which is a proven compound with no known resistance.
  • 1 box contains 10 x 1.4oz packets.

Active Ingredients:


Target Pests:

Cockroaches, ants*, crickets, fleas, firebrats, earwigs, pillbugs, sowbugs, confused flour beetles, Indian meal moth, Trogoderema (Cabinet Beetle) and wasps.

*(Please see label for a complete list of Ant species controlled and the different application techniques for each species)

Approved Usage Sites:

Industrial, Institutional, and commercial buildings including restaurants, warehouses, stores, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing plants, and ships. Outdoor applications to turfgrass are restricted to treatment of Fire ant and Harvester ant mounds.

NOTE: Not approved for residential homes

Orthene PCO Pellets  SDS

Orthene PCO Pellets Specimen Label

Always read and follow label directions when using any product. 

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